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Offering a comprehensive range of Maintenance services designed to create sustainable client value, delivered by outstanding people. Guscorp specializes in the following disciplines of maintenance services in commercial and residential buildings:

Core Maintenance Services

Electrical Maintenance

we offer top quality Electrical Service at affordable rates We also provide Certified Electrical Services & Technicians at affordable rates.

Mechanical Maintenance

Mechanical building services accounts about 30% of the capital and 50% of the operating cost in most construction projects.


Plumbing systems includes Water supply System, Drainage System, Sanitation System, Rain and Storm Water Systems, CO2, Compressed air piping systems.


Guscorp is proud to bring strong communication, timeliness, and collaborative management to your painting project. This allows you to experience less stress, get more value, and have more time to focus on other tasks. with certified painters and at affordable rate.

Structural Rehabilitation

We use the combined expertise of past construction practices and structural analysis and design to diagnose the causes and  to develop safety measures if required, and to design effective structural solutions to address problems in a timely fashion.

HVAC System

Includes Air-conditioning, Ventilation, Refrigeration, and Air Treatment. Building Automation, Controls, Industrial and Process Services, Plants and Machinery Installation are part of modern HVAC systems for large commercial and residential projects.

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